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    Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Claims to Cure Chronic Diseases

    Most of us get back to Ayurvedic yoga therapy only when other medical options do not give us beneficial results. It is not only for pains and relief but is also applicable for many chronic diseases that are often cured by Ayurveda and yoga therapy. The New York Times analyzed that the people with chronic diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, andpsychic disorders often choose to attend yoga classes to help them cope with their illness. The side effects caused by their medicines are often painful. Hence, physicians recommend yoga therapy to their patients.

    A yogic way of treating a disease is completely different from the common medical methods. It mainly concentrates on the cause of our illness rather than curing the symptoms of the respective disorders. There is always a reason for all these chronic diseases, and they do not occur randomly. The disturbance caused is elsewhere in your body. For example, you sense an unpleasant smell in your mouth when you have an ulcer in your stomach. Ayurvedic and yoga treatments help you find the root of these diseases and completely cure or manage them optimally with no side effects.

    Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy comprises of Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas, and Pratyahara. This treatment is nothing unusual because these are some of the fundamental procedures when you practice yoga regularly. By Ayurveda and yoga therapy, we mean to establish a balance in the natures of the body or ‘Prakruti’ of individuals. Asanas are postures. Pranayama refers to your breathing analogy. Kriyas are meant to purify the body and inner self,andPratyahara is general mindful awareness. Do not presume that Ayurvedic yoga therapy is only for illness as it is also for prevention.

    James Murphy,President of the Iyengar Yoga Association of Greater New York, who teaches a free HIV/AIDS class at the association,said that even though their patients are affected by Pneumonia and completely at rest for three weeks in bed, they still teach them some poses. These poses are as simple as opening up the chest that helps the patients to restore the energy in them.

    You don’t have to worry about attending Ayurvedic yoga therapy because it is more like a one-on-one yoga session with multiple technical aspects. The therapists here are Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Therapists who are top level professionals and well-trained. Consultation with these yoga therapists are to explain medical conditions and the goals of the treatments.

    Based on the in-depth analysis of the problem, anything from simple aches and pains to lingering chronic conditions is treated in one-hour session at Living Alchemy Ayurveda. They lend comfort and support to every single patient by individual attention, write outs to take home and integration to your lifestyle. Their Ayurvedic and yoga treatments do not claim to cure the diseases but provide the best in management in an anxiety-free environment within a short span of time.


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